CEO Message

Dear Friends,


When I created Colossus Securities, I shared my vision of being a disruptor in the trading and securities field. Many have dismissed that as just a pipe dream, and asked pointed questions about how I intend to do that in an already well-established marketplace.

Well, I intend to improve on three areas of the industry where consumers like you have expressed the most concerns.


1) Capitals Assets Security

All clients of Colossus Securities will enjoy unparalleled fund security with 3 levels of protection:

  1. a) Segregated Bank Accounts
  2. b) Independent Custodian Protection
  3. c) Professional Indemnity and Crime Insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London


2) Rapidity Execution Speed

Liquidity and connectivity are at the heart of flawless trade executions.

Here at Colossus Securities, we provide you with low latency connections to our dedicated servers in London. Our network has been rigorously load-tested to ensure latency of less than 1 millisecond on even the heaviest traffic.

Through our partnerships with tier-one banks around the world, and Equinix, a NASDAQ-listed multi-billion-dollar public company, liquidity and the movement of your funds has never been smoother.


3) Wealth Foundation Structure

Wealth can be created by ANYONE with the proper support structure. This is how Colossus Securities will support you in your wealth creation journey no matter if you’re a trader or an IB.



  1. Weekly Research
  2. Weekly Webinars
  3. Trading Videos


  1. Colossus Suite (a powerful back-office)
  2. Attractive Rebate Payouts (paid instantly)


How are we a disruptor in a well-established industry?

We do that by giving you the BEST support system in the industry, the BEST security for your funds, and the BEST connection and liquid flexibility in the market.

We do that for our friends and family here at Colossus Securities, and you are very welcomed to be part of this great family.


Humbly yours,

Clarence Soh


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