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What are Cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is simply a form of digital currency that exists purely as computer code. It is ‘crypto’ because it utilises a secure encryption technology to ensure secure, transparent, and verifiable transactions that are conducted virtually. Cryptocurrencies are backed by a public ledger system known as the blockchain, which ensures that decentralised, peer-to-peer transactions are conducted without the need of a third party, such as a bank or government.

When Bitcoin was launched in late 2008 as the first cryptocurrency, it was intended to be the future of money. Several cryptocurrencies have since sprung up, and while most of them have attractive monetary qualities, investors have particularly been concerned with their characteristics as a digital store of value. This is why many investors nowadays seek avenues of trading cryptocurrencies.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with Leverage

Trade cryptocurrencies with up to 1:2 leverage. You can start with as little as S$200 to gain the effect of S$400 capital!

What are the benefits of Crypto CFDs?

  • No need to have an exchange account or use a special wallet!
  • Trade in any direction – Selling is just as accessible as Buying
  • Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

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